Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

All the planning and preparation have come to completion.  The big day is over and we are sitting in the living room pondering over another Christmas come and gone.  It was quiet even though the house was pretty full.  All the girls took naps except Sophie, so everyone was in good spirits.  Stockings were the main attraction this year.  Food was plentiful as always. The only thing that would have made the day better would have been for the Sikora family's presence.  We missed them so much.
Let the party begin

Christmas Traditions

Last Thursday was cookie day at Pa & T's house.  It took all day to bake the cookies since there were so many girls involved.  Actually, Hayley did all the baking and the rest of us tried to keep up with the little girls.  Too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

 Elli enjoyed from a distance
 Heidi mixes up some famous caramel corn
 Hayley's creations

 Pa helped with the littlest angel
Check out all those sprinkles.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Call the BBB

In case you did not know, we are the proud owners of two German Shorthaired pups.  Since they have come to live with us, they have destroyed just about everything they could.  Pa bought some really nice dog beds for them (after they had demolished several cheaper models) because the company guaranteed they were indestructible.  Well, today as I was coming home from school, what do you think I found all over the front yard? Yep. The indestructible beds in several pieces.  The pictures will be sent to the company for a refund.  Let's hope the guarantee is good or the BBB will get a call.

Blogging Frenzy

That's right.....I am blogging again. We celebrated Heidi's 30th birthday yesterday at J. Gilbert's in Columbus.  Most of the family was there.  Once again, we missed our Sikora crowd.  The little ones were quite well behaved throughout dinner.  Pa cannot remember all of the grandchildren's names anymore. That is what he has me for I guess.  Enjoy a few pics from our evening.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Day!

John and I were blessed to witness Richard's graduation yesterday.  It has been a long, hard road but perseverance has paid off.  Richard had a smile on all day. Congratulations Richard. We are proud of you.

Catching Up!

Can it be true that it has been four months since I have posted? Busy, busy, busy.....much going on.  Just watching 7 grandchildren grow up is enough to keep me going.  Then I have had to get used to a new teaching assignment this year.  I have been teaching 1st - 5th graders in Physcial Education as well as my high school Health classes.  The little ones have added much joy in my work days. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, there is much anticipation as we have added to the family again this year. Elli and Evie will be with us at the Knisley home as the mantle is getting crowded.  John is always proud to decorate for Christmas. Enjoy a few samples of what we have been up to lately.
 Genevieve Eryn shows up 3 weeks early

 Elliana is growing fast

 Evie spent 2 days in Children's Hospital with a virus

 Our 2011 Christmas tree (strikingly similar to 2010 tree)

 15 stockings this year - running out of room

John puts a lot of detail into his decorations

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Difference One Month Can Make

My last blog was about learning to swim. Well, during the last month, the girls have spent a lot of time in the water. I had to bribe her, but Sophie finally took the "plunge" from the diving board.